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Within Our Reach, Is Joy


The Bible teaches us that Christians are to be joyful in Christ. That Biblical joy is not a simple feeling, but a frame of mind and established on a relationship with Jesus Christ. It is not fleeting like feelings; it is the knowledge that we are never victims we are always victors! Victors by nature are joyful people.

If the joy of the Lord is our strength, and if we use joy to draw water out of the wells of salvation, then we need to discover the sources of joy. Joy is not something that you have to earn; it is something you already have.

Joy is a command not a suggestion. Therefore, if you are not experiencing Christian joy, something is wrong: either you do not understand it, you are not looking for it, or you are too stubborn to allow it to rule in you. This is where Romans 8:28 comes in. All things work to our good. While the individual ingredients in our life aren’t always pleasant, the combination of our entire life will reveal a God who loves us and is always working on something good for us.

The reason a Christian can experience joy even in the midst of great pain or a painful struggle is the knowledge that God is always in control. There are no accidents for the believer. Satan has no authority over us unless permitted by God, and God never permits anything that will destroy us. Only our own bitterness, anger, or resentment can rob us of our joy.

Our joy is tied to the things of another world. It keeps us strong during trials we do not understand, it gives meaning to meaningless experiences, and it enables us to stay on course when a storm is overwhelming us. Joy is not a feeling it is connected to who we are related to, Jesus Christ.

Biblical joy can and will renew your spirit. What enabled Paul and Silas to sing at midnight while in prison, facing a death sentence after being beaten up all day long? It was their joy in Christ that allowed them to sing. It renewed their spirit even after a pretty rough day.

Every trial you have, and every sorrow you experience is going to be temporary. Jesus has assured us they will not last, nor will they be permanent. No man can take our joy from us. The “miserable saint” breaks the heart of God as well as deprives himself and others the life of Christianity.

There is no excuse for a believer not to experience genuine, Christian joy. Jesus gave all assurances that it would be available to those that sought it. The Bible doesn’t ask us to do what can’t be done, therefore, we can rejoice always. It is a fact of our relationship to Jesus Christ that brings inward joy.

You are loved and valued:  Pastor Brian Kinsey