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The Doctrine of Prayer

The Doctrine of Prayer
[Praying Effectively in Crisis moments]
Part 1

When we are in crisis, and our world is troubled then we need to pray — Kingdom Prayers. In turn, they will influence our decision-making, and it will result in powerful answers.

Most people pray, but they only pray during the tough times and have not yet learned how to pray God’s will into existence. Sister Nona Freeman when she returned from Africa she attended one the first Louisiana Women’s Conferences; she told me, Brian, America doesn’t know how to pray. The church is praying her will and not God’s will into existence. This is a tragedy, and we need to find a remedy.

Kingdom prayers have the power to influence key decisions and result in powerful answers. True Apostolics understand the pivotal role of prayer, and pray with purpose, they don’t panic and react in fear, they seek to find God and in turn, He leads them to significant breakthroughs in their life and ministry.

The question is how do we recognize these critical moments. The scripture tells us to pray without ceasing; however, there are times when what we pray and how we pray are more important because of what is at stake. The revival moment introduces an opportunity for significant change. We must learn to think as God thinks and pray his thoughts and his purpose. Jesus demonstrated this because he was the greatest prayer warrior of all time. John 12 shows how Jesus made sure that He was praying correctly before continuing his journey to the cross.

So how did Jesus pray? He prayed, “now my heart is troubled, and what shall I say, Father, save me from this hour?” No, “it was for this very reason I came to this hour. Father, glorify your name!” [John 12:27-28]. He could have prayed a survival prayer: “Father get me out of this mess.” But instead, he ordered His praying in perfect alignment to the Divine Intention and Will of God; the result was amazing grace revealed in redemption.

If we learn to pray based on our relationship to God, to pray from the heart and not just routine and repeated phrases the result will be a powerful breakthrough into a new dimension of the miraculous. We should not pray just to attempt to get God on our side that is for immature and manipulative people to try to spiritualize their own way rather than submit to God’s way. It trivializes the will of God and makes of none effect the cross of Jesus Christ and dishonors the price he paid for our salvation.

As we grow and mature, our prayers do so as well. Kingdom praying increases as we mature spiritually. Too many people become caught up in fulfilling their agenda. Mature believers trade their agenda for God’s. They move from simply praying what they want, to praying the heart and mind of God. Learning to pray this opens the door to miracles, and releases God to do what He does best; make the impossible, possible.