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Made for a Mission

Made for a Mission

One of the greatest aspects of Jesus’ mission was the training of the Twelve. He selected them, then trained them and sent them out. He prepared them to succeed and to accomplish His work; He included them in His PLAN.

The record of the four evangelists declares that Jesus was meticulous about how much time he spent with the three disciples he chose as His inner circle. They were allowed the privilege of becoming the fishers of men, which Jesus had promised them when they left the fishing industry to follow Him.

The gospels are clear as to His intention – to give them authority to operate on His behalf. He gave them the same ministry. Jesus was not interested in producing managers of His business. He was hungry to reproduce Himself in others.

It is definitely hard work, fraught with disappointment but it yields the only fruit worth producing. Seeing Jesus formed in the life of another human being is a reward in and of itself. From His example we can glean four important principles.

1. Leadership is the mission. Jesus poured himself into 12 men with the intention that they would carry on his mission after he was gone. He did not have a back-up plan.

2. Learn to be patient. Patience most of the time does not come naturally. Developing leaders is hard work and a difficult process of growth. If we allow them time to grow they will become much more than they are now.

3. Understand that they will make mistakes. If you develop a growth mentality and you work with them to correct those mistakes they will learn from them and become better.

4. Give trust. Trust is a gift that you give them during the training process. God called them, you are training them; now trust them. It will do wonders for their confidence and for their growth.

Disciples are made and not born. We, as leaders, have a responsibility to train the next generation of Joshua’s to help carry on this great heritage. Jack Welch stated, “Before you’re a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.”


Sheri Huss

Praise the Lord Bro Kinsey!
I really enjoy your post. Your writing about Made for a mission was very good! I have served God for many yrs. Filled with the Holy Ghost and baptized when I was 7yrs old. Fell away when parents went through divorce at age 11. God brought me back when I was 34yrs old. I love to serve my Lord and savior! I have seen many young people get to the age of 18 and leave the church…I have taught school with many of them and as the yrs go by I see it over and over through generations…Why? I ask myself…we hold the truths of Gods word…I feel the Lord has in these last days say, Let My people Serve…In this I have sought and prayed…if they are in church up to 17-18 yrs old are they not serving? God shared I believe his heart with me that he desires young and old to serve…Jesus came as a servant, and he served. Our young people are seeking something to satisfy their void in their lives and it is something that only God can fill. We as leaders need to teach serving in action that they get more than knowledge that may never be put into action by them…If we teach this they will come into relationship with there God and not just in attendance with God…